Computing Concepts,FrameWorks,and Applications 2022

pdf | 6.35 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B2M397XP | Author: Ravi Tomar | Year: 2022


Fog Computing: Concepts, Frameworks, and Applications is arranged in such a way that readers with no prior experience in Fog Computing may explore this domain. It is an accessible source of information for distributed computing researchers as well as professionals looking to improve their security and connectivity understanding in Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This book is also useful for researchers and professionals working in the field of wireless communication security and privacy research. This book is intended for students, professionals, researchers, and developers who are working in or interested in the field of Fog Computing. One of the book’s distinguishing aspects is that it covers a variety of case studies and future possibilities in the field of Fog Computing.

This book:

  • Begins by covering the fundamental notions of Fog Computing to help readers grasp the technology, starting from the basics
  • Explains Fog Computing architecture as well as the convergence of Fog, IoT, and Cloud Computing
  • Provides an assessment of Fog Computing and its applications in the field of IoT
  • Discusses the usage of software defined networking and machine learning algorithms as they apply to Fog Computing
  • Describes the different security and privacy issues with Fog Computing and explores single point control systems for consumer devices using Edge-Fog Computing
  • Outlines in detail how to leverage Blockchain technology in Fog Computing, as well as how to use Fog Computing in telemedicine and healthcare applications
  • Examines the usage of communication protocols, simulation tools for Fog Computing implementation, and case studies in the fields of bioinformatics, disaster control, and IoT
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