HOW TO TALK TO A STRANGER: The Proven Secretes For Breaking Communication Barriers and Establishing a Connection with Anyone

HOW TO TALK TO A STRANGER: The Proven Secretes For Breaking Communication Barriers and Establishing a Connection with Anyone

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"The easiest way to talk to a stranger is never to talk to a stranger".

Talking to people we do not know should not be in any way more daunting than what we experience when communicating with our partners and other people we know.

The secret of the problem is hidden in a fictional identity carved into the word “stranger”.

If you have a challenge talking with someone you do not know, the chances are that you have been trying too hard to talk to a stranger – an entity that does not exist.

The success or struggles of communicating with a stranger or anyone first has more to do with perception other than communication skills.

This book shows exactly what you need to succeed in communication with anyone, even if you are just meeting them for the very first time.

A stranger is a concept that exists only in the mind. In reality, what we have are people of amazing and dynamic personalities that we are yet to establish any connection with.

If you understand what I just said, then that is exactly how I have been able to assist hundreds of young adults to overcome their anxiety in speaking with new persons every day.

But let me introduce myself quickly.

Joni Pam is a US-based Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Inclusion expert who also specializes in Human Interpersonal Relationships. She has gathered over six years of experience in helping young adults to conquer communication-related problems which potentially limit their social growth and productivity.

Due to popular demand and having observed the large numbers of people struggling to interact with strangers all over the world, I have written this book to share in a concise form, the secrets of talking and establishing a connection with anyone.

There are no long stories in this book, all points are made short and straightforward. I respect your time.

I share in this book what works, what is working, and what will always work as long as humans remain emotional beings.

Here are some of the things you will learn from this book:

• How to know who to talk to (you mustn’t talk to everyone)

• The right way to start the conversation and break the major communication barrier.

• How to easily position yourself in order to be perceived as a friend.

• How to become fascinating

• The effective way to establish a connection at your first engagement, and lots more.

If you will like to improve your communication game by learning how to talk to a stranger or anyone, and the exact communication principles that work from my experience, then you should go ahead and buy this book now.

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