Mathematical Analysis Book of resolution methods: Volume 1 Tome 2 Section 1: Domain Calculation (FIRST EDITION)

Mathematical Analysis   Book of resolution methods: Volume 1   Tome 2   Section 1: Domain Calculation (FIRST EDITION)

English | 2021 | ASIN : B08V5GH1G3 | 60 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 |5.42 MB

This book was born, as for any other operational problem, from the terribly urgent need to know how to come to calculate, and without a doubt exactly, mathematical terms that were initially unknown. In the present case, the so important objective, and already in the first problems with analytic functions in the university course of Mathematical Analysis, is precisely: to determine their set of definition or domain; a question as simple in its intentions as it is fundamental for any development concerning the real functions of a real variable, in the common use of engineering and also in advanced fields. In this book, and it must be said immediately, unlike all the other texts in circulation which on this operative topic exhibit nothing else except trivial examples far from those proposed in the written exam, we finally find exposed, with enormous satisfaction and liberation, a conclusive method, first of all completely systematic, and secondarily simple enough to learn as well as to apply for any student who has the slightest aptitude for mathematics, and therefore surprising in its usefulness and effectiveness. Downstream of its assimilation, you student who previously had difficulty with this type of problem, you will find that the functions that will be assigned to you for the exercises, even and especially the exam ones, will be much simpler, if not almost ridiculous, compared to the ones you will be able to solve. Seeing is believing and with the utmost commitment on my part that I am an author: the calculation of the domain, I assure you, will never be a problem again. I advise you to buy the other texts of the series, both for the complete and perfect theory that you will find exposed, and above all for the definitively effective methods of resolution, in order to proceed positively with the exams in the utmost simplicity. Good luck, boy! Always ahead!

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