PASTILA – Organic Miracle, Year Round Healthy Snack, Low Calorie Dessert, and Maybe the First Step to Your Own Business

PASTILA – Organic Miracle, Year Round Healthy Snack, Low Calorie Dessert, and Maybe the First Step to Your Own Business

English | 2021 | ASIN : B08T8L53RT | 321 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 46.53 MB

Pastila is ancient Slavic dessert known since the 14th century. It’s healthy, super tasty and can be enjoyed year-round. It has a very long shelf life, although it’s unlikely that you will store pastila for a long time, especially if you have children.

Pastila contains six times more fiber than fresh fruit and can be cooked completely sugar-free. Most of the recipes are vegan, Paleo, and diabetes-friendly; they are also gluten-free and lactose-free.
This book clarifies that there are two basic pastila types: dense and loose pastila. The book gives you not only 105 recipes, here you will find also:

A lot of life hacks, creative ideas, recommendations, and warnings
Details on how pastila can lead you to creating your own healthy food business
Recommendations and explanations on pastila storage
What you should pay attention to if you are going to buy a dehydrator
Information on sugar substitutes and sweeteners which may be added to pastila

Even if you have experience in cooking of common for you fruit leathers, this book is worth your attention, because:

You will get fancy recipes like Mojito Pastila and Mulled Wine Pastila (no added alcohol!)
Wonderful yogurt pastila recipes and some secrets concerning yogurt pastila cooking are shared
Chocolate fans are not left out with chocolate pastila recipes!
You will find out that vegetable pastila is awesome
You will be given a list of fruits and vegetables with the highest content of pectin – the most important thing which helps to make pastila pliable and elastic
You will get traditional and simplified recipes of loose pastila

Besides, you will learn:

What to do to avoid the cracks in your pastila
How to make your dense pastila thin
How to cook “marble” pastila
What can make pastila crunchy instead of leathery
What to do if pastila is overdried
How to make yummy bouquet with pastila

If you have no dehydrator, you can cook dense and loose pastilas in the oven.

For the convenience of readers on either side of the globe, all measurements in this book are indicated using both metric and English measuring systems units.

Get your copy today! Learn how to cook organic pastila, and enjoy the most delicious roll-ups that you and your family will love!

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