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Pragmatic AI and Machine Learning Core Principles

Pragmatic AI and Machine Learning Core Principles
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Shore up the foundational knowledge necessary to work with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning! This LiveLesson video covers the core principles of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, including how to frame a problem in terms of Machine Learning and how Machine Learning is different than statistics.


Linkedin Learning Ethical Hacking Denial of Service BiFiSO

Linkedin – Learning Ethical Hacking Denial of Service-BiFiSO
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Category: CBTs
Ethical hacking involves testing to see if an organization’s network is vulnerable to outside threats. Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks are one of the biggest threats out there. Being able to mitigate DoS attacks is one of the most desired skills for any IT security professional-and a key topic on the Certified Ethical Hacker exam. In this course, learn about the history of the major DoS attacks and the types of techniques hackers use to cripple wired and wireless networks, applications, and services on the infrastructure. Instructor Malcolm Shore covers the basic methods hackers use to flood networks and damage services, the rising threat of ransomware like Cryptolocker, mitigation techniques for detecting and defeating DoS attacks, and more.


Linkedin Learning Juniper Security Policies Fundamentals

Linkedin – Learning Juniper Security Policies Fundamentals-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial
Juniper security policies allow networking professionals working with Junos OS to secure access to a network’s critical resources by defining the required security level for those resources. Grasping how these security policies work-and how to troubleshoot them-is key for anyone studying for the Juniper Networks Certified Associate, Security (JNCIA-SEC) certification exam. In this course, discover how to protect your network with security policies as you learn the concepts covered in the Security Policies objectives in the JNCIA-SEC exam. Instructor Shyamraj Selvaraju covers planning and configuring security policies, as well as how you can use these policies to control traffic moving in and out of a network. Plus, discover how to schedule, monitor, and troubleshoot security policies.


Linkedin Learning ASP NET Security

Linkedin – Learning ASP NET Security-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial
Learning ASP NET Security
ASP.NET boasts frameworks you can leverage to build robust web applications. In this course, Janan Siam helps you get up and running with this mature framework from Microsoft. Janan explores the framework and IDE, as well as the tools you need to manage data, build RESTful services, and establish real-time web connections. Learn how to build web applications with ASP.NET MVC, create dynamic web content with ASP.NET Web Pages and Razor syntax, work with ASP.NET SignalR, and more.


Linkedin Learning Linux Tips Weekly UPDATE 20190813

Linkedin – Learning Linux Tips Weekly UPDATE 20190813-BiFiSO
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Category: CBTs
Linux is the operating system of choice for enterprises that need a stable, agile, and open-source platform, and it’s only getting more popular. Qualified system administrators are in demand. If you’ve been anticipating a transition to Linux for your company or your career, or thinking about using Linux at home, this series presents a great opportunity to explore it-one tip at a time. Instructor covers a wide range of topics relevant to anyone interested in broadening their knowledge of Linux core concepts, including virtualization, the Linux file system, file management, file transfer, process management, multitasking, networking, and security. Plus, learn about compatible hardware and the Linux desktop experience. Tune in each week to get a new tip, and keep learning Linux all year long.


Holosync Super Learning Memory Suite

Holosync – Super Learning Memory Suite
English | Size: 824.24 MB
Category: Self Growth

"Here’s the easy way to learn up to 20x more – and in a fraction of the normal time."~ Bill Harris

What could you accomplish.

…if you were so focused – so absorbed in what you’re learning or doing.

…that the information effortlessly poured into your brain?


Linkedin Learning WordPress Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

Linkedin – Learning WordPress Custom Post Types and Taxonomies-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial
By default WordPress has five post types (posts and pages are the most popular), organized using built-in taxonomies like categories and tags. However, you can extend the functionality of WordPress and display different types of content according to your own rules by creating custom post types and taxonomies. In this course, Morten Rand-Hendriksen shows how to create a plugin for new post types and taxonomies, create new post types and taxonomies (hierarchal and nonhierarchal), and build templates that display the custom post types and taxonomies in new and effective ways.


Linkedin Learning the Accidental Web Designer UPDATE 20190731

Linkedin – Learning the Accidental Web Designer UPDATE 20190731-BiFiSO
English | Size: 96.93 MB
Category: Tutorial
You-a person with little or no training in web design-have found yourself in charge of a website. Maybe even two. While your task might initially seem daunting, designing and running a great site is completely within your powers. In this weekly series, Jen Kramer shows you how, providing quick, actionable tips designed to help accidental web designers like yourself create and manage high-quality sites. Learn new techniques in the areas of content, marketing, and technology, from how to define your website’s voice to how to effectively focus your social media messaging. Plus, Jen provides a weekly question to consider with other accidental web designers in the course’s LinkedIn Group. Tune in every Wednesday for a new tip.


Linkedin Learning Winning Back a Lost Customer BiFiSO

Linkedin – Learning Winning Back a Lost Customer-BiFiSO
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Category: Tutorial
There’s a huge possibility that your online business will lose customers in its lifetime. It might be due to poor service delivery, better competition, a lack-lustre product range or average online experience. The fact is, there are a lot of variables that might lead to the loss of existing and new clients.