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PCI Geomatica 2018 SP2 Build 2019-06-04 (x64)

x64 | File Size: 698 MB

Powerful PCI Geomatica software for processing and analysis, remote sensing and satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth. The main objective of fast data processing software and enables advanced analysis of satellite and aerial imagery. PCI Geomatica by many educational institutions (more than 2,700 educational institutions) and academic programs for Analysis Satellite imagery has been used as an example GlobeSAR research program of the Research Centers Canada in 1990 for remote sensing, the ability this application can be used. PCI Geomatica in the field of remote sensing Geography is one of the best and now widely used in research centers.


PCI Geomatica 2018 SP1 Build 2019.02.01 (x64)

File size: 719 MB

Developer by PCI Geomatics, Geomatica is an analysis application dedicated to earth observation data. It enables professionals and enthusiasts alike to open satellite and aerial images, in order to investigate details using advanced techniques.