The Gift of Struggle: Life Changing Lessons About Leading [Audiobook]

The Gift of Struggle: Life Changing Lessons About Leading [Audiobook]

English | June 18, 2019 | ASIN: B07T2ML76X |

Every leader has stories about the challenges they have faced and struggles they have overcome. In the moment, those situations require strength, patience, perseverance, and courage. With time, those struggles provide us lessons for how to be better leaders. Bobby Herrera learned to see those struggles as gifts.

As the co-founder and CEO of Populus Group, Bobby never imagined the challenges of building a $500 million organization that serves tens of thousands of people. Throughout his life, he experienced the divergence between the intentional leader he wanted to be, and the less engaged version of him that showed up at the office every day. One day at a company meeting, he decided to share a story about one of his first struggles as a young adult. That story, a pivotal experience that had transformed Bobby’s life, inspired his employees with its radical transparency, humility, and the idealism of Bobby’s dreams for the company.

In The Gift of Struggle, Bobby shares 12 of those stories from his leadership journey. Each section shares the details of the story, the broader lesson any leader can apply, a set of questions to reflect on, and an afterword for how the story later unfolded in Bobby’s life. Building on Bobby’s efforts, this audiobook inspires listeners to find their own stories, share their gifts of struggle with others, and become the leader they imagine they can be.

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