Thunder – Behind Closed Doors (Expanded Edition) (19952010)

Thunder – Behind Closed Doors (Expanded Edition) (1995/2010)
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Classic Rock | Label: Parlophone UK

Like soldiers marching towards certain doom, British hard rockers Thunder stared down the indomitable forces of grunge as they unsheathed their third studio long-player, Behind Closed Doors, in January 1995, never losing faith in the rightness of their musical cause. What choice did they have, anyway? Well, they could have just thrown on the flannel and attempted to infiltrate the enemy lines like so many cowardly, fluffy-haired colleagues and make even bigger fools of themselves in the process, so give the quintet credit for sticking to their guns and facing down their fate like men. Needless to say, Thunder got themselves "killed" regardless, poor saps (everywhere but in their homeland the U.K., where this album reached a highly respectable number five), but at least they went down fighting behind every punchy, accessible, yet commendably earthy melodic rock nuggets like "River of Pain," "Stand Up," and "Ball and Chain." Thunder also embraced slightly darker vibes with memorable results on portentous opener "Moth to the Flame" and "Preaching from a Chair"; got the funk out successfully ("Fly on the Wall"), and not so much ("Too Scared to Live"); and noticeably toned down over all pomp rock thresholds, particularly on the bluesy "I’ll Be Waiting" (boasting shades of ’70s Whitesnake) and the folksy ballad "Til the River Runs Dry" (another weeper, "Castles in the Sand," sounds like a virtual memorial to this dying breed of ’80s rock). But what Thunder couldn’t do was carry on operating with confidence in their talents, as the alternative rock era continued to make mincemeat of their peers while swallowing up most of the media and any touring opportunities that had once been at their disposal. By the time Thunder got around to recording their fourth album, 1996’s sardonically named The Thrill of it All, both their hopes and inspiration had pretty much run themselves dry.



01. Moth to the Flame (2005 Remaster)
02. Fly on the Wall (2005 Remaster)
03. I’ll Be Waiting (2005 Remaster)
04. River of Pain (2005 Remaster)
05. Future Train (2005 Remaster)
06. Till the River Runs Dry (2005 Remaster)
07. Stand Up (2005 Remaster)
08. Preaching from a Chair (2005 Remaster)
09. Castles in the Sand (2005 Remaster)
10. Too Scared to Live (2005 Remaster)
11. Ball and Chain (2005 Remaster)
12. It Happened in This Town (2005 Remaster)


01. Low Life in High Places (Live at Hammersmith) [2005 Remaster]
02. Move On (2010 Remaster)
03. Everybody Wants Her (Live) [2010 Remaster]
04. Does It Feel Like Love (Live) [2010 Remaster]
05. You Don’t Know What Love Is (Demo) [2010 Remaster]
06. River of Pain (2010 Remaster)
07. Stand Up (Live Acoustic Version) [2010 Remaster]
08. Castles in the Sand (Live Acoustic Version) [2010 Remaster]
09. Move Over (Live) [2010 Remaster]
10. One Pretty Woman (2010 Remaster)
11. The Fire Is Gone (2010 Remaster)
12. Life in a Day (Demo) [2010 Remaster]
13. In a Broken Dream (2010 Remaster)
14. Love Walked In (2010 Remaster)
15. Dirty Love (Demo) [2010 Remaster]
16. Stay with Me (2010 Remaster)

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