Tribology in Sustainable Composites 2022

pdf | 12.49 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B52FJR7J | Author: Jitendra Kumar Katiyar | Year: 2022


Tribological performance of sustainable composites depend upon external parameters such as interface and environmental temperature, contact pressure and behavior of contact materials at interface and so forth. This book covers sustainable composites and bio- composites in terms of proper selection of reinforcements, methods to improve the thermal and mechanical properties, techniques for uniform dispersion of the reinforcements and their tribological performance. Also, it details the testing and damage characterization methods of these sustainable composites.


1. Presents fundamental knowledge of sustainable composites, including chemical composition, structural features and fabrication techniques.

2. Provides an analytical overview of the different types of characterization techniques and tribological methods.

3. Provides an extensive review on bio- composite properties and their tribological performance for biomedical application.

4. Contains extensive reviews on cutting- edge research on lightweight materials for future applications in a variety of industries and their tribological performance.

5. Provides the application of sustainable composites in various fields such as aerospace, automobile, medical etc.

This book is aimed for Researchers, Professionals and Graduate students of Tribology, Composites, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering.

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