WiFi Password Viewer 1.0.0

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Quickly retrieve the passwords of the various wireless networks you connected to using this free, lightweight and open-source utility.

Straightforward and fast
Thanks to its portable format, the application does not require installing, and it can be a fine addition to a collection of other debugging utilities meant to be taken on-the-go. Executing the "Get Password" function instantly retrieves the credentials of the wireless networks that your device has connected to, from the day of the Windows installation to the moment of running the program.

In order to share the password to other people in the vicinity, the user can select the desired network and then copy it through the regular keyboard shortcut for easily pasting it in various instant messaging platforms.

Useful in certain circumstances
Since Windows does not have a direct way to show users the saved passwords to any of the Wi-Fi networks the computer has been connected to, being able to quickly identify the credentials can save a lot of and avoid frustration in situations where the original post-it note on which it was initially written gets lost.

Furthermore, if security is one of your top priorities, having a stronger and longer password than usual can deter attackers or nosy neighbors from wanting to connect to your network. As such, being able to share a selectable text version of the credentials is more desirable than dictating the letters and digits to your guests who want to temporarily enjoy your home’s internet connection.

Lastly, the program has support for exporting the identified network credentials to a text file for easy access. This is especially useful for s when you have to reinstall Windows, with the program letting you avoid manually searching for the passwords individually.

Lightweight tool for displaying saved Wi-Fi passwords
Whether you always forget your home’s wireless network password, or you forget to write down a friend’s complicated password to their own network, Wi-Fi Password Viewer provides a useful functionality that should be built-in to the Windows operating system by default.

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