Alternate Route: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Pilot in the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve

English | 2020 | ASIN : B08LYZDPMN | 93 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 11.37 MB

One of the best-kept secrets in aviation is an opportunity that affords training for future pilots in the world’s most sophisticated and powerful aircraft, while also allowing you to choose a location, aircraft, and mission as a military pilot before actually joining the military. The Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve (known collectively as the Air Reserve Component) may be your ticket to a rewarding career as a military pilot without the common deterrents of a routine military enlistment. Choose your location, aircraft, and/or mission set, apply to a specific unit or units, and get a solid idea of your path as a military pilot before you sign on the dotted line. This is the Alternate Route to becoming a military and potentially commercial pilot, and this book will help you get there. Get in-depth details about the entire hiring process, the requirements, answers to common questions, and helpful hints for each step of the way. If you are considering any kind of career in aviation, start by researching the Alternate Route.

Jeffrey Van Orsow is a lifelong aviation enthusiast and the owner of Alternate Route, LLC. Through his personal knowledge, experience, and expertise in the Air Reserve Component hiring process, Alternate Route was created to help others achieve their dreams of becoming a military pilot. Throughout his aviation career, Jeff has flown a multitude of air frames and logged hundreds of hours in the sky. His unique personal experience with the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve provide him with a keen ability to assist others following the same Alternate Route to a career in military aviation.

Jeff lives in Meridian, Idaho with his wife and two daughters. A former Division I football player, he’s familiar with turning challenges into opportunities, and channels lessons from his own obstacles into assisting others. Jeff began Alternate Route, LLC and wrote this book to mentor other future military pilots through the process, start-to-finish. When not in the cockpit, he enjoys just about any hobby that takes him outside and enjoys every available opportunity to spend time with his family.

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