Microsoft Excel For Beginners + 30 Formulas Features The Step By Step Guid (2019)

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(Note: There is a newer edition of this title on Amazon – search for ASIN B084G554SM). Here’s your chance to finally learn how to use Microsoft Excel! In a single sitting, this quick and easy user guide will help you learn MS Excel basics, from navigating the home screen to working with formulas and charts. It’s a great Excel tutorial that will help you in the office, at school, or even at home.

Excel Basics In 30 Minutes, 2nd Edition is written in plain English, with lots of step-by-step instructions and screenshots that demonstrate exactly what to do. This MS Excel tutorial references Excel 2016, but most of the step-by-step instructions apply to earlier versions of MS Excel released as part of the Microsoft Office and Office 365 suites, including Excel 2013 and Excel 2010. If you don’t own Excel, the book explains how to use two free online spreadsheets programs: Excel Online and Google Sheets (part of the Google Drive online office suite). There are also instructions for the Excel mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Topics covered
Excel screen layout, cells, and terminology
Excel 2016 vs. Excel Online vs. Google Sheets
Using Excel for Android and Excel for iOS
Basic Excel formatting
Excel formulas and functions
How to make charts in Excel
Sorting and filtering
Collaboration and sharing
Exporting PDF, CSV, and other forms
Printing tips
Excel import and export formats (PDF, .CSV, .TSV, text, etc.)

This is not an Excel bible, but rather a basic Excel tutorial and reference that answers the core questions that any new Excel user will have:
What is a spreadsheet?
What are cells?
What is the button with the Greek letter for?
How can Excel spreadsheets create basic financial projections?
How can certain data in a worksheet be highlighted?
How can data be alphabetized or ranked?
How to edit a chart in Excel
How to print an Excel spreadsheet without cutting off columns

The second edition is up-to-date with new instructions and high-resolution screenshots of Excel 2016, Excel Online, and the new Google Sheets. It includes new sections about collaboration, OneDrive, and other features.

Real reader revie

"Fast and easy, this book is everything it claims to be. The material presented is very basic but it is also incredibly accessible with step-by- step screenshots and a friendly tone more like a friend or co-worker explaining how to use Excel than a technical manual."

"One thing I particularly liked about "Excel Basics in 30 minutes" is that it covers BOTH the MS Excel basics and the Google version basics. Explaining anything this intricate in 30 minutes is a challenge. (Can it be read in 30 minutes? Yes, I could do it, but I am not a typical user, I did not need to stop and practice the examples.) I was impressed that the book does go into some of the ‘meat’ of Excel while still being a book that someone with NO previous exposure to a spreadsheet can grasp."

Excel Basics In 30 Minutes, 2nd Edition is authored by Ian Lamont, an award-winning technology writer and author of Google Drive & Docs In 30 Minutes, Twitter In 30 Minutes, and Dropbox In 30 Minutes.

Note: Excel Basics In 30 Minutes is not affiliated with "For Dummies" books, Microsoft Excel 2016, MS Excel 2013, Excel Online, Office 365, Google Sheets, or other Google and Microsoft services referenced in the guide. In 30 MinutesĀ® is a registered trademark of publisher i30 Media Corp. All rights reserved.

Note: There is a newer edition of this title on Amazon – search for ASIN B084G554SM.

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2019 Microsoft Excel For Beginners + 30 Formulas Features The Step-By-Step Guide by Benton, C J :

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