Sage Beginner’s Guide: Unlock the Full Potential of Sage for Simplifying and Automating Mathematical Computing

2011 | ISBN: 9781849514460 | English | Author(s): Craig Finch | EPUB | 9,8 MB

Download and install Sage, and learn how to use the command-line and notebook interface
Learn the basics of Python programming
Solve problems in linear algebra with vectors and matrices
Visualize functions and data sets with publication-quality graphics
Define, re-arrange, and simplify symbolic expressions
Calculate integrals, derivatives, and transforms symbolically and numerically
Solve ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and systems of ODEs
Fit functions to data using unconstrained and constrained numerical optimization
Apply object-oriented principles to simplify your code
Speed up calculations with Numpy arrays
Learn to use Sage as a toolbox for writing Python programs

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