Building Chatbots with Python By Sumit Raj

Building Chatbots with Python By Sumit Raj

English | 2021 | ISBN: 9798201163891 | 440 pages | PDF,EPUB | 11.24 MB

Building chatbots may seem difficult from the outside, but this book makes it so easy for you. Our brain is not designed to directly process the complex concepts; rather, we learn step-by-step. When you are reading this book, from the first chapter through the last chapter, you will find how clearly things are progressing. Although you can directly go to any chapter, I highly recommend you start from the first chapter, as it is bound to bolster your thoughts.

Any chatbot that you interact with after going through this book will create a picture in your mind on how that chatbot is designed and built internally.

Who This Book Is For

This book will serve as a great resource for learning the concepts related to chatbots and learning how to build them. This book include:

Students and aspiring programmers wanting to acquire a new skill set by hands-on experience to showcase something and stand out in the crowd
Natural Language enthusiasts looking to learn how to build a chatbot from scratch
Budding entrepreneurs with a great idea but not enough technical feasibility information on how to go about making a chatbots

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