Data Structure and Algorithm: Simply In Depth

Data Structure and Algorithm: Simply In Depth

English | 2021 | ISBN: ‎ B09G2Z7QY1 | 266 pages | pdf, epub, azw3 | 27.61 MB

This book is an introduction to the complex world of the Data Structure & Algorithm. A key factor of this book and its associated implementations is that all algorithms (unless otherwise stated) were designed by me, using the theory of the algorithm in question as a guideline (for which we are eternally grateful to their original creators). Therefore they may sometimes turn out to be worse than the normal implementationsn and sometimes not.

The book is the result of several decades of teaching experience in data structures and algorithms. The book is self-contained and does not assume any prior knowledge of data structures, just a comprehension of basic programming and mathematics tools generally learned at the very beginning of computer science or other related studies. Through this book I hope that you will see the absolute necessity of understanding which data structure or algorithm to use for a certain scenario. In all projects, especially those that are concerned with performance (here we apply an even greater emphasis on real-time systems) the selection of the wrong data structure or algorithm can be the cause of a great deal of performance pain. The chapters cover: Models of Computation, Lists, Induction and Recursion, Trees, Algorithm Design, Hashing, Heaps, Balanced Trees, Sets Over a Small Universe, Graphs, Strings.

Algorithms in the book are presented in a way that readers can easily understand the method of solving problems. Concepts are illustrated through examples. All programs in the text are tested. All the algorithms in the book are provided in pseudocode, so that students can implement the algorithms in a programming language of their choice.

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