Projectiology: A Panorama of Experiences of the Consciousness Outside the Human Body

Projectiology: A Panorama of Experiences of the Consciousness Outside the Human Body

2016 | ISBN: 9788584770571 | English | 1227 pages | PDF | 23,5 MB

The most comprehensive treatise on the out-of-body experience and psychic phenomena in the world today.

Projectiology is an authoritative, technical, and scholarly volume that provides definitive information on the out-of-body experience (OBE) and paranormal and psychic phenomena. It is a complete guide to the development of energetic self-control and psychic awareness, and an invaluable source of information on the interaction between the physical and non-physical worlds.

The contents of Projectiology are the culmination of more than 30 years of investigation by the author. This volume forms the foundation of the science of projectiology and is unique in its breadth and scope. Subjects covered in this book include:

54 varieties of paranormal and psychic phenomena comprehensively explained and analyzed
37 techniques for producing OBEs
Numerous practical tips to facilitate OBEs
Detailed techniques to consciously sense and utilize bioenergies (chi, prana, vital energy, subtle energy)
68 applications and benefits of the OBE
Characteristics of non-physical dimensions and non-physical individuals
How to control and use the non-physical (astral) body
Analysis of different types of OBEs
How to assist through OBEs and with bioenergies
Definitive explanations of the key phases of the OBE
Analysis of altered states of consciousness
Compilation of scientific research on OBEs
525 chapters
1,907 bibliographic entries from sources in 18 languages

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