Speed Reading People: Analyzing Personality & Signs in Conversation How to Read, Understand, Talk to & Influence People

English | 2020 | ISBN-13 : 979-8691116681 | 101 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 13.03 MB

Read Someone’s Personality In A Few Minutes? This Coach Says YES – And He’s About To Show You How!

Are you feeling overwhelmed when you have to meet new people?

Do you struggle with understanding people whose personalities are wildly different from yours?

Do you feel awkward because people often turn away from you and you can’t understand why?

If you want to stop all these in your life, then keep reading.

Have you ever talked to a salesperson who was spewing out memorized phrases without checking if they actually resonate with you?

Have you ever tried dating someone who took you out to a noisy club even though you clearly had told them you’re introverted?

Have you ever had a teacher who kept forcing you to do tasks that didn’t match your personality and learning style?

Well, don’t be like these people.

What’s their mistake? They didn’t adapt their speech and behavior to your personality, they just had no idea how to talk to people in different ways. No wonder they turned you off so much!

But. how do YOU avoid this mistake? Applying effective communication skills by speed reading people and and consciously speaking and behaving in a way that appeals to their personality type!

Harvey Augustus, a licensed professional counselor, has coached countless professionals from all walks of life (including salespeople, teachers, and HR managers) to do so, and his clients consistently report record-breaking sales, tremendous increases in employees’ motivation and productivity, happier classrooms, and a lot other improvements.

So… what if Harvey taught YOU the EXACT steps to read someone’s personality in just a few minutes?

Speed Reading People, the only book you’ll ever need to improve your people, personal and social skills and find the right words for every person.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover inside Speed Reading People:

Recognize everyone’s personality with just a few quick questions, and use it to your advantage

Develop social-chameleon like powers that give you the ability to bond with & be liked by every personality type

Tap into your intuition to read people and understand what everyone’s body language is saying

Discover how to influence people and turn every conversation in your favor with ‘context behind words’ method

A complete guide to dating people who are wildly different from you

Speed read people at work, job interviews, or business meetings to skyrocket your networking abilities and get an unfair advantage in your career with this communication skills training

Learn how to speed read children and become a parent fully aware of your child’s strengths and weaknesses with great parenting skills

And much, much more.

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If you’re ready to finally understand what makes people tick and say goodbye to misunderstandings, frustrating sales and business meetings, and dysfunctional relationships, now is the time.

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