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Teaching and Learning of Knot Theory in School Mathematics

English | PDF | 2012 | 198 Pages | ISBN : 4431541373 | 13.5 MB

​This book is the result of a joint venture between Professor Akio Kawauchi, Osaka City University, well-known for his research in knot theory, and the Osaka study group of mathematics education, founded by Professor Hirokazu Okamori and now chaired by his successor Professor Tomoko Yanagimoto, Osaka Kyoiku University.


Switching Theory for Logic Synthesis

English | PDF | 1999 | 368 Pages | ISBN : 0792384563 | 22.32 MB

Switching Theory for Logic Synthesis covers the basic topics of switching theory and logic synthesis in fourteen chapters. Chapters 1 through 5 provide the mathematical foundation. Chapters 6 through 8 include an introduction to sequential circuits, optimization of sequential machines and asynchronous sequential circuits. Chapters 9 through 14 are the main feature of the book.


Quantum Field Theory: The Why, What and How

English | True PDF | 2016 | 298 Pages | ISBN : 3319281712 | 4.01 MB

This book describes, in clear terms, the Why, What and the How of Quantum Field Theory. The raison d’etre of QFT is explained by starting from the dynamics of a relativistic particle and demonstrating how it leads to the notion of quantum fields. Non-perturbative aspects and the Wilsonian interpretation of field theory are emphasized right from the start.


Proof Theory for Fuzzy Logics

English | PDF | 2009 | 279 Pages | ISBN : 1402094086 | 3.76 MB

Fuzzy logics are many-valued logics that are well suited to reasoning in the context of vagueness. They provide the basis for the wider field of Fuzzy Logic, encompassing diverse areas such as fuzzy control, fuzzy databases, and fuzzy mathematics.


Problems and Theorems in Classical Set Theory

English | PDF | 2006 | 492 Pages | ISBN : 038730293X | 3.65 MB

This is the first comprehensive collection of problems in set theory. Most of classical set theory is covered, classical in the sense that independence methods are not used, but classical also in the sense that most results come from the period between 1920-1970. Many problems are also related to other fields of mathematics such as algebra, combinatorics, topology and real analysis.


Probability Theory: A Comprehensive Course, First Edition

English | PDF | 2008 | 621 Pages | ISBN : 1848000472 | 4.77 MB

Probabilistic concepts play an increasingly important role in mathematics, physics, biology, financial engineering and computer science. They help us to understand magnetism, amorphous media, genetic diversity and the perils of random developments on the financial markets, and they guide us in constructing more efficient algorithms.