A Dietitian’s Secrets to Naturally Heal Type 2 Diabetes

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Created by: Ava Ghobadpour MS, RD

An easily sustainable and balanced approach to the diabetic diet using a Registered Dietitian’s proven techniques.

What you’ll learn

Pinpoint the signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes and apply proven techniques to easily manage and control your blood sugar levels.

Fully understand how sugar gets trapped in your blood stream, and how this can be reversed.

Apply the secret magic number to your diabetic diet to maintain steady blood sugar levels at all s.

Understand why fad diets are just a gimmick, and how they push you further away from a healthy lifestyle. Instead practice proper portion control using our supplemental material to guide you into effortlessly eating a balanced diet while losing unwanted weight.

Confidently read food labels so you don’t fall into the marketing traps of the food industry.

Dodge the stresses of everyday life by asking yourself these key questions and incorporating simple stress management techniques.

Reverse the effects of diabetes while waking up feeling refreshed from a full night’s sleep.

Have dessert! This is about balance, not deprivation!

Use the simple food swap techniques that have helped many of my patients make a huge impact on balancing their blood sugar levels.

Enjoy being active and reap the benefits of exercise without it feeling like a chore.

Fully understand the effects of diabetes medications and supplements, and see if they fit in your life. (Things your doctor won’t tell you). Approach your doctor with all the options and information to make the best decision for your health.

Receive a customized meal plan after completing this course to help you succeed in reaching your health goals.


Everything the student needs is included in this course including all supplemental material including a customized meal plan after course completion.


This is a multi-faceted comprehensive course with lots of valuable information on Type 2 Diabetes.

During this course you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know to control and reverse the effects of Type 2 Diabetes through proven science-based principles. You will learn how to CONTROL your blood sugar levels naturally and FAST.

You will be provided with all the supplemental material you need to succeed in controlling your diabetes. You will also get a CUSTOMIZED meal plan that is tailored just for YOU! At NO additional cost! The customized meal plan will be a guide on how to eat for MAXIMUM energy, blood sugar control, and helps effortlessly shed unwanted weight.

Know what you can do to start achieving normal blood sugar levels right away!

You will learn:

What is diabetes, what puts you at risk, the signs and symptoms of diabetes, and why it’s important to control.

The secret to eating for blood sugar, and how to balance your meals properly.

The importance of exercising with Diabetes.

How stress impacts diabetes, and how to manage stress.

Diabetes Medications and Supplements. Be aware of how they work and their side effects.

Get a customized meal plan tailored to YOU!

You will be provided with all tools you need to succeed, leading you down the path of wellness!

How this course is structured:

This course is divided into 10 sections with 23 lectures and 3 hours of video.

Who this course is for:

This course is designed for people with pre type 2 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

People who are suffering from high blood sugar and are looking for natural remedies.

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